Is There Yoga in Jacksonville, NC?

Jacksonville is a small town, mostly made up of US Marines and their families.  And you’d probably think you’d have to travel to Wilmington to find a decent yoga studio.  However, your assumption would be incorrect.  While the number of yoga studios in this area is small, you can find several studios and very passionate teachers.

US Marines Learn Meditation & Yoga

Beginning with Jacksonville and then heading a few miles east, there are a few studios worth your while to check out.

Infinite Yoga  & Wellness – 13 E Doris Ave, Ste G, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Drop in class:  15$

  • Monthly Unlimited rate:  85$
  • Get more information on their ratesclass schedule and reviews.
  • Childcare? No.
  • Of note:  In additional to traditional yoga studio class offerings, IYW also provides Aikido training.

Second Wind Eco – 208 W Main St, Swansboro, NC 28584

Drop in class:  10$

MCCS/Camp Lejeune & New River

  • Drop in class:  3$ (These classes are available to active-duty, retired, reservists on active-duty, dependents, MCCS employees, and Department of Defense employees with proper government ID)
  • Monthly Unlimited rate:  35$ (includes all group classes, not just yoga)
  • Get more information on their rates and class schedules.
  • Childcare? No.
  • Of note:  In addition to offering five different types of yoga class, MCCS also teaches several hybrid classes that mix yoga with Pilates or muscle training.