Five Ways To Market Your Yoga Class

A good marketing strategy can mean the difference between a class of 5 or a class of 25. Why rely on word of mouth when there are many fantastic ways to market your yoga business? Below you’ll find five ways to step up your marketing and promotion game.

Find your Niche


Differentiation is important. Find what makes you different and set up shop there. Try marketing classes toward certain demographics, i.e. mothers, the elderly, people with pets or young children. Working with people who are members of a specific group gives you more marketing ability because people who naturally congregate together talk, hopefully about a great yoga class they went to.

Get out there

Many yoga teachers utilize flyers to promote their classes, but let’s take this a step further. The best way to get people talking about your business is to start the conversation. Attend community events and bring along some business cards (bonus points if the card includes a free or discounted class). If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of self-promotion, think of it this way. You’re not promoting yourself, you’re promoting what you do, you’re just heading out to talk about what you love- yoga. Be yourself and let your passion for yoga shine and you’ll get people interested in no time.

Current Students

If you already have some repeat students, make sure to get their updated contact info, especially email. This way you can start sending out a newsletter with notes on upcoming classes, information about the studio or whatever else you’d like to include. But make sure to ask permission before adding anyone to the mailing list to avoid any ruffled feathers. Don’t be afraid to ask your happy campers to refer other students to your class. Offer them complimentary yoga passes for themselves and a friend.

Another great option is to include a 15 second announcement before or after your classes that you are currently teaching. This allows you to keep your students up to date and let them know about some pretty great deals or opportunities.

The Internet

It’s impossible to reach your full marketing potential without utilizing the Internet. You can use the Internet to create a website, social media platform, or blog. Any of these options should be welcoming and show that you are relatable and personable. Social media also gives you the ability to create a community where you can share information with your clients and they can, hopefully, pass that information along to their friends.

Keep Going

One of the biggest problems most people have with marketing is that they don’t continually work at it. Keep your  business cards current and pass them out whenever you can, keep your site and social media up to date, and always research trends in marketing and promotion for new ways to market your business.

One last thing, make sure that your marketing strategy considers the world at large and not just the yoga community. Avoid using advanced yoga terminology when you’re writing online, creating flyers or business cards, or talking to people in your community. By using terms that even the newest yoga practitioner can follow, you’ll be inviting them in to try yoga and reap its many rewards.