Wonderfully Wacky Yoga

Since yoga came to the western world, it has seen hundreds of different styles and modifications. While a basic Hatha yoga class will never fail in helping you get healthy and calming your mind, sometimes it’s even more beneficial to switch things up. This might mean trying out a different instructor’s class, jumping from Hatha to a Vinyasa class, or maybe something a little more…out there. If you’re looking to break out of your routine, would you give any of these wacky yoga classes a try?

Foodie Yoga

Love food? Who doesn’t? Check out this foodieawesome style of yoga. David Romanelli founded Yoga for Foodies, Yoga + Chocolate, and Yoga + Wine. Imagine munching on chocolate during your workout and the instructor is totally fine with it! While wine and chocolate are great during a yoga workout, think of a chef prepared meal awaiting you afterwards. Talk about motivation!

Paddle board Yoga

If balance is your biggest concern, you might want to stick with the other options on this list, options that stay on dry ground. This style of yoga involves entire workouts done on a stand up paddle board (SUP). Connecting with nature and the calming effect of being on the water aside, this style of yoga has fantastic benefits. Because of the SUP’s movement, you can see exactly where you’re placing the pressure of your body in the poses. If you lean more to one side, the paddleboard will lean. It’s a great way to learn to center your balance. Don’t live near an ocean? No worries, these classes can take place on any kind of body of water whether it be an ocean, lake, pond or (if you’re desperate) pool.

Yoga with Cats and Dogs

A cat café in New York has started a new trend of including feline friends in our yoga workouts. This kind of workout involves cats prowling around the room during yoga classes. Some of the cats sit back, others hang out on your mat while some join in the yoga fun. Some people have gone so far as to incorporate their cats into their actual yoga poses.

dogaDoga combines meditation and massages for your K9 companion. This style of yoga emphasizes union and connecting with others like the dogs, who are pack animals. Some believe that Doga is just a fad, others (myself included) can’t imagine getting their dog to go along with them to yoga class, while devotees believe that Doga is beneficial to both the dog and their human counterpart.


Broga was founded in 2011 by two guys who wanted a space for yoga that was more inclusive for men. In these classes, the poses are focused more on the naturally strong areas for men such as the back and arms. These classes tend to focus less on flexibility or spirituality. Probably the coolest part of this trend, they also have a site brogamats.com with fantastically guy-oriented products such as army men in yoga poses and yoga bags that look like burritos.broga

Tantrum Yoga

Have you ever wanted to throw a massive, toddler level tantrum? Tantrum yoga gives you that opportunity. These classes include traditional yoga, breathing and meditation and incorporate dance and vocal techniques. The thought behind this practice is that, just like when you were a kid, throwing a fit helps you release the negative emotions. Practitioners are encouraged to scream, stomp, yell or pound their chests. After a tantrum yoga class practitioners always find themselves ready to laugh and relax.

Rave Yoga

This style of yoga brings the spiritual element back to celebrations. These workouts last for around 4 hours, and are proud to be in a completely drug, smoke and alcohol free environment. The party starts with yoga to warm up, then an easy guided meditation, which leads into the music portion of the evening. The whole night ends with another meditation. There’s also a nonalcoholic bar serving drinks and vegetarian food all night.


Depending on where you live, you might find more wacky yoga styles, such as mommy & me yoga, nude yoga, and aerial yoga. So if you’re looking to break from your routine check out the wacky yoga classes in your area and see if any of them would be a perfect break for you.