Whether you’re traveling by air for business or pleasure, getting packed, standing in line and the large amounts of people in airports can be stressful. You have only to search online for tried and true ways to minimize stress while traveling, like eat healthy while traveling, make sure to hydrate, maintain your exercise plan and get in lots of walking. And while these are all great ideas, finding a few moments to meditate or simply mentally check out of the hustle and bustle can do wonders for travel-related stress.

In the United States, the U.S. Department of Agriculture sets standards that must be met for a product to be labeled organic.  In the case of coffee, producers cannot use synthetic substances such as most pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.  If coffee is labeled organic, at least 95 % of the beans must have been grown under organic conditions.  Coffee is the heaviest chemically treated food commodity in the world.  The most common chemical used in coffee production is synthetic petroleum-based fertilizers which slowly destroy the soil’s fertility and seep into local water supplies.