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Finding Fresh: Local Farmer’s Markets in Wilmington and Beyond

There’s nothing better than biting into a fresh, juicy apple that was grown on a local farm in your city, is there?  Shopping at farmer’s markets is fun.  It’s almost sensory overload, all of the gorgeous colors, fresh produce, artisanal food products… and you’re getting fruits and vegetables at the peak of the growing season. This means produce is at its freshest and tastes the best. The food is typically grown near where you live, not thousands of miles away or another country. And shopping at farmers markets also support your local farmers and keeps the money you spend on food closer to your neighborhood. Continue reading “Finding Fresh: Local Farmer’s Markets in Wilmington and Beyond”

Finding Yoga East of Swansboro

Locating places to practice yoga East of Swansboro and on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast may seem daunting at first, however, it’s pretty easy to find a class or two at almost every local gym and fitness center.  But for the diehard yoga practitioners, it’s slim pickings. Continue reading “Finding Yoga East of Swansboro”